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Collaborating with world leading financial institutions, we work on AI technologies that define the financial world of today and tomorrow.

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The 3rd Generation TRUBUZZ AI Core

A Continuously Evolving AI Technology

The Value of AI To Financial Services

TRUBUZZ AI has innovated in the long-term investment space with deep-learning solutions that improve performance and efficiency.

From Possibility To Profitability

TRUBUZZ AI provides predictive and prescriptive analysis on past, present and future performance as well as assist in understanding the market trends.

What is AI?

Broadly, it refers to the development of machines or systems that can sense, comprehend, act and learn.

Deep Belief Network

Through the probability generation model of the deep belief network, the hidden layer unit is trained to capture the correlation of the high-order data displayed in the visual layer in the trading market to predict the stage trend of the stock.

Convolutional Network

Using the ability of convolutional neural networks for image visual processing, predicting the direction of future stock price movements from the trend of stock prices in the past price fluctuations (Motion Prediction).

Reinforcement Learning

The recursive neural network's inter-neuronal connections form a matrix, while the structural recurrent neural network recursively constructs a more complex deep network using similar neural network structures.

Recursive Network

The initial module using the GoogLeNet deep layer architecture is the main development tool, which basically acts as input to multiple volume filters and processes on the same input.


AI + Asset Management

Redefine Capital Markets Through AI Technology

Robo Asset Management Advisor

Robo Asset Management Advisor

Allocate assets according to formulas based on client profiles.

Embracing Intelligence

Embracing Intelligence

A high-powered computing technology that is ready to be

implemented in capital markets firms.

Deep Learning in

60 Global Trade Markets

Using historical data and statistical probabilities to develop trading algorithms capable of evolving with markets over time.